Tuesday, January 10, 2017

We Are Living in a Spy Novel Parody.

Honestly, if I felt rocked and had no idea what the future would hold on November 9, today I'm actually feeling better? Not really. I still don't know how this insane situation will play out, but we obviously are in for a very bumpy ride. The most powerful country on earth (or so they tell us) has a landslide of crazy shit "new information" about our "president elect," except that none of this is shocking to anyone who has been awake and paying attention, and where the hell was this in oh, late October, when this shitshow could have been avoided? THOSE OF US WHO WERE PAYING ATTENTION knew this stank to high heaven, and the bottom line remains that a huge majority of voters (Hillary's almost 3 mil. win in the popular vote and the millions who voted 3rd party) didn't vote for this. This is chaos.

I had fallen behind a day on my 31 days, due to a really extravagant brunch and bottomless mimosas. I did two 30 minute sessions back to back tonight, so I'm back on track. As a bonus, I'm not clenching my jaw in fury at the moment.


Kirsten said...

I've been laughing an awful lot. It might be maniacal, I'm not sure. You've heard about the voters who were against Obamacare, but knew that they were okay because they were on the ACA? Apocryphal or true; don't know.

wednesday said...

Well, now we know how he'll deal with any threat of impeachment, just shout it down and claim it's all a plot by his enemies. Oh, we are so going to need some folks to grow balls and invoke the 25th amendment.