Sunday, February 19, 2017

So Many DAMN Things!

First: Sophie and Ellie.  I do hope they tolerate each other someday.

I interrupted a love fest.  They were nuzzling faces and touching each other's paws, like the bestest of friends.  Sophie's reaction to my picking up my phone for a picture is so annoyed tween girl: "Really, MOM??"

Sophie's now into week two of runny poo.  Not uncontrollable at all; she holds it until she's outside, but when she lets go, oh my! Not normal.  Over the last year or so I've tried prescription foods and grain free and all sorts of things, and this weekend I tried cooking for her. Ground buffalo (novel protein), plain mushy sweet potato, and a few minced steamed green beans. No grain, low fat, she LOVES it and cleans her plate in a flash, but we'll see if it helps with this issue.  I read an article by a vet who says that yes, dogs can develop chicken allergies, and it can take weeks to get it out of their systems. Chicken was the food of choice that kept Murphy alive for so long, it never occurred to me that it might be an issue. She's not losing weight and she's perky and normal, so I'm not worried, just concerned. We need to find an answer to this mystery because this ain't normal.  Mom has a car payment and would like to free up some money to travel and stuff, and I'm really hoping to avoid the veterinary gastro specialist visit.

I got my hair cut today. I wanted to go short-short and had some ideas and brought photos on Pinterest, but left it in the hands of my talented (and opinionated) stylist.  My hair is SHORT now. Think Dame Judi Dench, but brown from a box.  It's SHORT. Really, really short. I got a bit concerned when the clippers came out and she sort of shaved the back of my head with a long guard. I've had a lot of short haircuts, but they never broke out the clippers like that; it's always been scissored.  This is going to take some getting used to, but as she said, my hair grows super fast and I know in two weeks this will look very different, but right now I'm freaking out. I'm now wishing I didn't have a corporate job, because this would look awesome with a fun tint like maybe purple.  I'm adjusting. It's fun and different, but yeah, I'll like it better when it's 3/4 inch longer all over.  Right now, I'm freaking right the fuck out, and when I finally have enough hair to need a trim, I think I need a new stylist. I really don't need surprise haircuts.

Of course I shouldn't complain, because we're barely past the halfway point of February and my A/C is on again. I think this is going to be a brutal summer, and I'll be welcoming having no hair to frizz or fuss with.  But at least 3/4 of an inch longer than this.  Because DAMN, my hair has never, ever been this extremely short. 

I was sick on Friday. Stuff is going around the office. I actually got up and got ready for work feeling really iffy. I showered and made my lunch and then leaned into the mirror and looked at my eyes and no, I wasn't going to work, this is not something to power through. My head felt like it was barely on its hinges and wanted to fall off when I leaned over to hook Sophie's leash. I indulged being sick all day, drinking  copious amounts of tea and barely moving from the couch for anything but dog walks, and woke up Saturday human again.  I felt ambition for the first time in a while, and started doing some rearranging and de-cluttering.

I have two of those plastic zippered protective clothing bags hanging in my closet. I decided to move one of them to the office walk-in closet to get it out of the way, so I unloaded it, and revisited clothes that have been out of sight, out of mind, because they are too fucking tight to wear.  And you know what? Shame and guilt are not entirely bad. Shame and guilt can be motivating.  I have a fortune in quality office-worthy slacks and skirts that just don't fit, and while I bought these nice quality items on sale, generally half off or less, often for Target prices because I do know how to pounce on sales, they are doing me no good at all right now.  TEN stinking pounds will make the difference, but it's a ten pounds I haven't been able to shake in a long time.  I'm feeling very focused right now. I have clothes I love that are hanging neglected in the dark. They need me to focus!

My daughter is an inspiration. She had put on quite a bit of weight and has been diligently working on getting in shape again, despite a full-time job, a 5 year old, and going back to school yet again.  She did a couch to 5K  and is running the 5K at the Disney Princess Marathon next weekend, with an eye toward the half marathon next year.  I'm not ever going to be a runner, but my co-workers and I have put together our own office challenges to keep us focused on moving. I am not buying new office clothes when I have other ways to spend that money.  My co-workers and I are doing Fitbit challenges, and I'm feeling very motivated.

I will spare you a political rant. You can probably fill it in for yourself at this point.


KatyaR said...

Ha! We must have gotten the same haircut. I can't believe how much was sheared the back of my head. But at least it's easy to take care of. I hate fussing with my hair, it never holds a style, so short is definitely the way to go.

I hear you about the weather. It was 90 degrees here one day last week--in FEBRUARY. I'm not looking forward to summer at all.

Elizabeth said...

Happy to have the updates on your two 4-legged companions-- always brightens my day! Hope the new diet will work for Sophie. Had to go google Judi Dench to see what her haircut looks like. I must say I rather like it even tho you are right--it *is* short. But too short?! I dunno...

In the meantime, good luck with the dieting/exercise!

Anonymous said...

And just do not forget that Daughter Dear will find it a lot easier to shift the weight than we more 'mature' ladies! It ain't fair, but that's the way it is.

I have worn my hair very short for a very long time - I would describe it as a 'soft' short back and sides and a little longer on the top, which I wear brushed back. I cannot stand hair wriggling around and tickling my ears, and absolutely hate it catching on my shirt collar. For much the same reason I do not like any sort of fringe on my forehead.

Funny - we have been having very similar humidity and temperatures here, but then we are meant to at this time of the year - if you ever manage to visit Australia, avoid the East Coast in February at all costs........

All the best,

Gae, in Callala Bay

ellen kirkendall said...

Because chickens eat a lot of corn there can be corn proteins in the meal. That can cause problems for dog or people with corn allergies. My Westie eats bison or venison or she itches like crazy.