Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I Am Going to Say Something Positive about the Trump Administration:

It has expanded the vocabularies of many Americans, including me.  I have a very large, well-educated and non-F-Word vocabulary (hard as that may be to believe) and I was only introduced to the word kakistocracy since the installation of the puppet.  I'd honestly never encountered that one until now, but damn, it's perfect. And then there's a word I already knew: kleptocracy.

That's the reason for the installation. This is the looting of America.

This regime has brought many big vocabulary words into regular use in journalism! Not just the SAT words like kleptocracy, but the kind of college vocab words his fans don't know. Terms like "malignant narcissist" and "narcissistic sociopath" and of course the lesser terms like "collusion" and "nepotism" - as in the fact that this country is now being run like a third world dictatorship with a corrupt family in power. 

We are being governed by Trustafarians.  They were all born with money and power and went straight into the family business without ever going on a job interview at any time in their lives.  Ivanka Fucking Trump is going to have an office in the West Wing!  She "promises to abide by ethics rules." Did you see the look on Angela Merkel's face in those pictures with Ivanka by her side?  That entire state visit was another international humiliation.  World, we're sorry.  Most of us didn't vote for this.

And the people who created this shitshow got conned into believing that this game show host pathological liar who actually craps into a gold-plated toilet was going to help them?  Of course, he "won" with a great deal of help from his comrades, who I'm sure hold so much paper on him they have him by the (will not describe the 70 year old organ they have in a vise because nobody needs that mental picture). Seriously, every day I think we've hit the peak of crazy, it can't get weirder, and they manage to amaze. 

But again, the true fault here must be laid at the feet of the Republican Party, who made it all possible, and who are now, unbelievably, still defending it.  Let's just step back: All of the intelligence communities, foreign and domestic, are in agreement that Russia worked behind the scenes to influence the outcome of this election. And in Monday's hearings, what was the focus of the Republicans? "Who leaked? We must find and seal the leaks!"

And our Secretary of State is going to pass on meeting with NATO to go to Russia.  You cannot make this shit up; we are living in a bad 60s spy novel paperback.

And yes, I do blame the Democrats too, for still trying to "go high" and pretend that procedure will be effective when we have been dragged so very, very low.  If the parties in this scenario were reversed, the Republicans would be screaming to high heaven on every channel and media outlet 24/7 and grind the works of the government to a halt until they got a full and complete investigation.  They did it to Bill Clinton over a goddamn blowjob; we can't do this over actual TREASON? Yes, they are out of power, but they should be all over the media and getting before the American people and screaming about this at every possible moment, because this is America, going down, and we should all be screaming, and we must keep screaming.


wednesday said...

It's all so very true. If this were British tv show, like In the Loop or State of Play, I'd be enjoying it to the hilt. Sadly, it's real life.

Caroline said...

It is balm on my soul to read the lovely scalpel of words you wield on this monstrous excuse for an human. Ugh to the need for it.