Sunday, April 30, 2017

I'm past apologizing for not updating, because life is life.

So, what's been going on Chez Bossydog that has prevented even cursory updates?

Mental exhaustion. Work is tiring, the resistance is an unpaid side gig, and yeah.  So what is going to happen in May?

I'm going to get my healthy living act together, because damn, reality is just slapping me every day lately.

Two weeks ago, I discovered through a co-worker that I have access to a really nice program: Real Appeal.  I promptly signed up. It's a bit like free Weight Watchers, but without the point swapping crap.  It's calories and exercise, and damn, I want this so much! A live human coach to check my homework is exactly what I need, because I cut myself entirely too much slack in this area. I eat a very healthy, nearly vegan diet, but I don't sleep enough or exercise enough, and it's amazing how many salty crunchy snack foods are considered healthy and are nearly vegan!  I'm sick of cutting myself this slack, and I'm ready to get coached, for free. (I can't freaking afford to pay for it.)

I want to lose 20 lbs.  I am currently too overweight for my existing professional wardrobe, and I can't afford to replace it. I'm going to work in rags, which is fine for where I am now, but would be an issue if I actually want to get a better job.  I'll fit into the already paid for, neutral and classic professional wardrobe hanging in my closet right now at 15 lbs or less, but I'd like a cushion of 5 lbs. of wiggle room, so I set my weight loss goal at 20 lbs.  And I want to get my fitness level up, because my sedentary job is probably actually killing me.

Yesterday I went to Hollywood Studios with Delaney and Co., and we had a lovely afternoon and evening. Damn, she's an amazing kid.  Her parents were really into the margaritas yesterday, (not judging, I did indulge too) and she could have talked them into buying her just about anything, but she decided on her own that she really didn't need talking Woody and Jessie dolls, and left the gift shops empty handed.  She's FIVE. She left gift shops full of shiny and fuzzy souvenirs empty-handed, because her mom checked the Disney Store app on her phone and found a Star Wars Rey costume for a whole lot less than in the store, and ordered it.   And at FIVE, Delaney was totally cool, and decided on her own she didn't need anything from the store and let's go watch the Star Wars fireworks!

And so we're waiting for the Star Wars show, and she's hugging me and we're talking, and I suddenly felt a connection to her future that was only vague before. She wants to sleep over on Friday. I have two other granddaughters who are unfortunately the "other granddaughters" because we are all just too busy and broke to visit as much as we'd like. I have a lot of reasons to focus on my future, and "healthy aging" and whatever else they call it. I'm sorry, I still feel 40ish. I get a bit irritated when people say things like, "Oh, it's hell getting old!" because I honestly, really don't feel old. But I want to be fitter and trimmer and have more energy and keep up and enjoy it all.

We rode Tower of Terror. It was Delaney's first time, and she did it with aplomb, but isn't quite sure she wants to do it again. I hadn't been on it in at least 20 years, and I freaking LOVED it! The drops are so fast, even a grandma ass will leave the seat and hover half an inch! I screamed with excitement, uninhibited, and felt refreshed.  Delaney will probably do it again, and I want to ride it with her again, and also with her cousins, when they finally visit.

I am not going to post pictures or start weights or finishing weights, because that's just a drama I don't need. I don't want to make people who are bigger or smaller than me to make this an issue. 20 lbs. is my goal, and daily exercise is my goal.  I'll just leave it at that.

And I've signed up for the Disney Princess 5K next February, because what better way to celebrate being on the home stretch to turning 60?  I was intimidated by the idea of a 5K until my daughter started doing them and told me what a fun and easy thing it is.  I registered for the 11 minute mile corral because I know I actually CAN do that, but I'll start actually training around November 1. In the meantime, I'm going to just walk. Yes, it's hot. Yes, it's miserable, But you know what? I have an actual shower in my house!!! And I can carry a bottle of water? And wash my sweaty clothes later? Who knew?

May is the month of no excuses. It's on, and I will be updating this sorry ass neglected blog daily, because this is the month of no excuses. The update may be lame, but I will be present.

And no, I haven't stopped my political awareness. I'm still pissed. I'm still living every day thinking of the world my granddaughters will inherit.  Are you signed up for Resistbot? Like Daily Action, these tools are accessible to everyone and don't take a major travel to a march commitment. And they are working!  Deluges of phone calls and faxes are registered and counted, and it does make a difference.  The Republicans have control of the government, yet can't get a damn thing done.  Not one bill has been passed, it's all been bullshit executive orders signed without reading. Congress is scared to show up for town meetings, surprised that their constituents actually thought they expected representation.  

Because life goes on, but life in a dipshit incompetent wannabe fascist government is unacceptable.  Keep pointing at the naked Emperor. He's 100 days in and already hating it, but what will replace him? Stay pissed, but also read the books, go for walks, and watch the movies and knit.  This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. They are counting on wearing us out.

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Kirsten said...

I have been comforting myself in your absence by the knowledge that if anything DID happen, your wonderful daughter would let us know. And I haven't posted for a while either so, yeah.
I think bumblebutt is angry that people have the audacity to question him. I don't think he'll last much longer, but then we'll get Pence and he's probably scarier, but not as much into selling things. Did you watch Daria? Ivanka talks like Tiffany, t h e o n e . w h o . t a l k e d s o s l o w . . .