Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Christmas in May!

My Real Appeal goodie box arrived today! recipes, workout DVDs, a very nice digital food scale, a very nice electronic bath scale, a small (and very nice) smoothie blender, and all sorts of other doodads and whatnots. Plus books of recipes and tips and motivation. I'm already motivated, because did I mention expensive professional wardrobe that doesn't fit?  But the toys are so nice!
I walked tonight, but I think I might want to rearrange my mornings to do my half hour before work, eventually. I wake up early but I'm slow to get started. I like to read or write and drink my coffee in bed and ease into the day. I'll think about changing that very comfortable routine, but right now I think it's about building a new routine in general. An evening walk without Sophie, at an actual cardio pace is working for me right now. I think I just talked myself out of morning walks. When it feels right I'll do it. Probably next month, when the humidity is even more suffocating, but right now, this feels right.

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