Sunday, May 07, 2017

Did I say "Daily" Updates?

I meant more often than once every two weeks.

Unlike many of my friends, I was NOT at Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend.  I was here, pouting and cleaning the bathroom floor thoroughly, because OMG.

I haven't been able to go to to MDSW in years, which is a VERY good thing for my bank account, really.  I think I still have yarn I haven't used that I purchased on my last visit. But still, I am sad that I missed it.  Next year I must plan in advance, and check in with friends to see who will be there/not working a booth for a vendor the whole time.  It's a long trek for me and I need to plan accordingly.

And it's not like I don't have plenty of projects I really want to complete before I spend another dime on yarn. I have two neglected cotton cardigans in progress for myself, an afghan for myself, and of course Delaney's log cabin afghan is on the home stretch, getting big enough to be a long slog from end to end, and I have a LONG way to go on that mother.  But here's the thing about knitting: you almost have to have a few projects in rotation at any given time. As a practical matter, endless long slogs of knitting long rows of afghan will both melt your brain and exhaust your wrists, so changing gauge and pattern helps both the the wrists and the mind. And changing crafts entirely helps too.

I never did get around to starting any hexagons.  I just wasn't feeling it yet. I have been stockpiling yarn leftovers, and I will get around to it.

But today I started one of those no-brainer TV-watching projects I love so much: Movie Night Cocoon Cardi.

It's really just a huge crocheted granny square, folded in half with added crocheted cuffs, but honestly?  This is the kind of easy and practical thing that I will make and also USE.  I have a load of Cascade Sierra cotton in the stash, in a practical but unexciting chocolate brown, and I already know this is something I'd bring with me to any random overly air-conditioned casual jeans and t-shirt thing, and be glad I did.  When I made my rare trip to our local bargain movie theater to see Beauty and the Beast I was chilly throughout the movie, wishing I'd brought a heavier sweater. I'd have loved to have this big drapey cotton blankie thing to curl up in the theater chill.  I think the name probably got my attention for that reason, and then the design? Oh hell, it's barely a pattern, and good for the designer for sharing it for free. An experienced though lazy crocheter like me just had to glance at it, see what she did, and I'm off and running. 

And the politics thing?  Yeah, thank GOD this crop of Republicans can't even agree with each other on anything. The House passed that godawful ridiculous health care bill and were invited to the White House to drink shitty beer like they'd scored a win!  Um, maybe they all need to be forced to watch Schoolhouse Rock?  Especially Dolt45, who, as "president" should maybe have asked someone how this shit works?  He threw a party like he'd won something YUUGE, when actually it was like just qualifying to move on with it, and it was shut down within hours.  Because the Senate said naah, thanks House, they'll come up with their own bill, and then that'll get kicked back and bickered over in the House, and unless they actually get their shit together, we're in no immediate danger of losing the ACA.

Meanwhile, they've handed the Dems an ad campaign for the midterms like a gift from heaven. This is what happens when people run on the idea that "government is the problem," and get elected by similarly clueless dipshits, and proceed to prove their point. They get to their new offices and have no idea what to do next.  The ones that are there now mostly got there on "STOP THE BLACK GUY!" and now that they have "control," they are as clueless as can be about how to get what they want. 

Keep bitching at them. They're hating their lives, and they should.


Unknown said...

I did go to MDSW today. Yesterday was cold and rainy, today was cloudy, very chilly, and a strong breeze. I think this is the coolest its ever been since i started going about 15 years ago. I spent just the money I wanted, on premo yarn, got my lamb gyro, but passed on the ice cream cone. I was cold enough. Skein and garment had a few beautiful items, not as many as I've seen in the past. Got there at 8:30, parked close in, and left by 1:30. It was a good day. Lovely to pet the yarns without it being hot and humid, and people got to wear some show off shawls and sweaters.

Catherine said...

When I go, because I'm coming from afar, I have to do book flight and rental car and hotel, and figure out who else is going that I can share with, and it's a production.