Thursday, May 04, 2017

The GOP House: Hold My Beer and Watch This Shit!

And the beer of course was Bud Light. Seriously. These vile mother--excuses for human beings went to a PARTY at Mar a Lago North, formerly the White House and the home of the POTUS, to celebrate the first step to pricing millions and millions of Americans out of health care.

Here's the thing, for you slow to catch up: They are promising "access."  "Access" is not Affordability. Right at this moment I have access to million dollar homes on the market a mile away, and a Lexus dealership within 20 minutes, and an ugly Gucci bag at the mall 35 minutes away, but I CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD ANY OF THOSE THINGS!

So, the House bill that just passed and will, God willing, die quickly in the Senate,  but let's help it along. I've shared links to Resistbot and Daily Action before, but now it's time to rain a hellstorm of paper and calls on the Senate.  I like these two tools because they make it easy to target YOUR representative from your freaking phone. Seriously, you have NO excuse not to politely express your opinion.

I'm not sure how many people really understand that while we might hate Paul Ryan with the white hot heat of a thousand suns for being the smirking Ayn Rand acolyte who never outgrew it that he is, if you don't live in his district, you have to just loathe him from afar.  OTOH,  my own Representative was already tweeting about how this is nonsense, you don't vote on something like this without a CBO score, nobody's had time to analyze the impact, etc.  I just sent her a thank you tweet.  No need to burden her staff. OTOH, Marco Rubio is somehow my Senator (along with the calm and reasonable Democratic Senate fixture, Bill Nelson), I'm going to help light up Little Marco's phone.
Seriously, if he backs up Cheetolini on this, he really is going to look incredibly weak and pathetic to the lukewarm Rs who weren't too sure about him before this. He's young, he has ambitions, let's explain to him how this will move his whiny suckup ass out of the Senate and totally kill his future ambitions if he doesn't REPRESENT HIS CONSTITUENTS.

And you know the funniest thing about all of this? Aside from the oil and gas industry, I'm really not seeing a big embrace of the Trumpkin Retreat from the 21st Century.  Most of those big bad corporations have seen how the tide has turned, and they aren't aching to undo decades of social and environmental progress.  Probably because they are more responsive to their shareholders than dependent on Washington's whims. The social tides have turned and environmental concerns and social equality issues aren't going to vanish because a dimwitted game show host and a team of fascist wannabes are squatting in DC.  I'm really feeling MORE confident now, as so many companies are just gently pushing back with "Nah, we're good, we don't need you," and that, along with the deluge of pissed off constituent contacts, could actually shut this shit down.

Podcast: OMG!! Frangela - The Final Word! OMG, it's weekly therapy! I love Frances and Angela so much! Warning: they swear as much as I do, so NSFW but trust me, you'll laugh and scream and swear with them.

The animals! How are they??

I apologize to the non-crazy dog people who wandered in, but I'm happy to report that we have had Normal Poopies for weeks, thanks to Dr. Mom! I consulted with Dr. Google, and yeah, dogs can develop chicken allergies! And damn, everything she ate had chicken in some form. I got suspicious when I noticed that her farts smelled like walking into a Boston Market. Seriously, her innards were struggling to deal with a chicken-based diet. I switched her to a dry base of limited ingredient anything but chicken, topped it with some ground chuck rinsed to limit the fat, and she's back to pooping like a dog  The vet ( who I love) had suggested various "novel protein" sources, like kangaroo, special diets, but only half-heartedly, because yeah, let's not get crazy. Sophie was healthy and happy and just had runny poo, so I felt free to play with the menu.  Chicken. It's what's NOT for dinner in Sophie's world.


wednesday said...

I signed up for Resistbot, thanks to your recommendation, and and using it daily. I have one to thank, and two who need shouting at. This makes it so easy.

I feed my dogs the fancy protein Zignature, and they are the picture of health, which is nothing short of amazing, because they are rescues who were in pitiful shape when I got them. The vet likes to use their charts from the first visit and their current ones to prove to people what near miracles diet can achieve with a dog.

Catherine said...

Ooh, I Googled! I've never seen it on the shelf here, but Amazon has it. I will try her on a small bag.