Sunday, August 13, 2017

Threatening Nuclear War, Empowering Nazis...and he's barely halfway through the first year.

So, can I be angry at Trump voters YET?

This country has gone so batshit crazy, I cannot even. I'm at the point where I see my downstairs neighbor sitting outside and can barely grit my teeth to say good morning. She hasn't worn her "I'm a Deplorable," t-shirt in months, but that cannot be unseen, just like I can't un-witness her going off on and cussing out the condo board lady who politely told her she was breaking (flagrantly flouting) a common sense rule about common area use. The Deplorable cussed her out, screaming and raving and insisting she'd do any goddamn thing she wanted, and who's going to stop her? And then she quit breaking the rule.

These are, quite simply, really shitty people. I think the thing that hurt most, the day after this disaster happened, was the realization that we had 62 million people willing to go along with this. Granted, some probably were just, to put it gently, low-information voters who honestly didn't know what they were doing, but a fair number did this on purpose. And now an American citizen has been assassinated by a fascist terrorist while peacefully protesting fascism, in an American city, on American soil. Over a dozen others were injured in the attack, some seriously. And the "president" does some mealy-mouthed bullshit "all sides" platitude thing and refuses to denounce white nationalism. He can't. Those are his people. They are on the fucking White House staff.

Meanwhile, the investigation into this bizarre, corrupt banana republic administration and the money laundering and corruption at its core is closing in, and unfortunately I wouldn't put it past him to think he can distract by launching a nuke. Because it's all that crazy.

And yet, life goes on somewhat normally, if "somewhat normally" includes dark jokes with co-workers about whether we were going to get nuked this weekend. Delaney started kindergarten on Thursday. Due to her parents' work locations and hours, Grandma is getting back into the getting a kid to school groove. Her mom tosses her onto my driveway around 7, I'll feed her and make sure she's organized for the day, and drop her around 7:45. It'll work. It's good for me, too, because it's forcing me to be more organized, pack my lunch the night before, etc. Last Thursday and Friday were the shakedown cruise, tomorrow the week begins early, and it will be a good one. Because this is still America and these assholes are NOT THE MAJORITY AND ARE NOT WHO WE ARE.

And because I know most of you just come here to hear about the cat, I regret to inform you that she recently lost her title of Best Cat Ever.

I was knitting on Delaney's Endless Fucking Blanket the other evening, when I became aware of a soft, slurping sound from down around my feet. I looked down to see that Ellie had part of the blanket in her mouth, and was sucking on it. I screamed profanities and got it away from her. She didn't actually bite through the yarn, but she somehow sucked a loose spot in the garter stitch, like she'd been forcing her tongue between the stitches, probably mimicking the motions of a nursing kitten. (This is the Mason-Dixon Log Cabin pattern, colors selected by Delaney, rendered in purple, orange, sky blue and hot pink.) I lost my shit, and cursed at her like my downstairs neighbor cussed out the board lady. I threatened her with such violent bodily harm and a return trip to the shelter that she avoided me for the rest of the evening. I woke up to find her stretched across the foot of the bed, and I held out my hand, and we made up. She now keeps her distance from my knitting, because clearly mommy's a bit crazy when it comes to those yarn things.

I am about 3/4 through Delaney's Endless Fucking Blanket, or WAS, because to fix the sucked spot, I had to rip back TWO very long stripes, then rip out the sucked-on purple stripe. That was a week ago, and I'm finally finishing replacing that purple stripe, because I do have other things to do and can't knit every evening. So the BCE has been demoted to Merely Okay Cat for now. She'll have to work to regain her title.


wednesday said...

You are right about it being exhausting. It's exhausting to be infuriated all the time. I think those of us who live in red states have it a bit worse, because we are surrounded by his minions.

Friday I found a little book published in 2009, called Change Has Come. It was beautiful ink drawings of Obama, his supporters, and his family alongside quotes from his speeches. I actually teared up in the bookstore thinking how far away that all seems now. But I bought it, and I'm praying that in 50 years time this will seem like a brief interlude of insanity before the country came back to it's senses and embraced the Obama era ideals again.

Kirsten said...

We also come to hear about Sophie, you know.

I stayed at a friend's place a couple of hours away on Wednesday - I think that was "Locked and Loaded" day. It was so hard to convince myself that no, we would not be nuked this one night when I was away from home. We made it through, and I promised Daughter I would not leave her alone overnight until babyhands was out of office.

This is not America.