Friday, September 08, 2017

The Waiting Really IS the Hardest Part.

And the conflicting reports about what time it's going to get ugly, and what kind of ugly it will be, and where, and I'm exhausted already. There may or may not (there is) a glass of wine at my elbow as I type this. Then I'm going to get into gear and move things away from the old and leaky back window in my bedroom that just happens to be where the hurricane winds will hit, and pack up what I can. Then it's a watch and wait - I want to be out of here when the tropical storm force winds start, because that's when the large branches and actual trees are going to start coming down, and the streets here are lined with beautiful tall trees. I'm sad at the thought of losing any of them. Can we please fast forward to this time Monday? I'd be happy to give up this particular weekend.

Not that the aftermath will be pleasant. There is little to no chance we will have power after Sunday, and cell service is also unlikely, so yeah, if I go silent (as I've been doing a lot lately anyway) don't fret. I'm probably just sitting on my couch, dripping sweat and coated in pet hair, drinking room temperature box wine (assuming the tree doesn't come down.) It all depends on whether we still have cell towers after this is over. I can charge my stuff in my car, at least a bit.

Tonight and tomorrow I will charge everything I can, pack up two days of emergency clothes, etc., and watch the weather. When the winds really start picking up, it'll be time to bug out.

I talked to one of my downstairs neighbors earlier, he's fretting about the tree falling too. I didn't point out that he'll be okay, my kitchen will keep it from falling all the way down to him. But while that is a real possibility and I'm taking it seriously, I'm also thinking maybe it won't happen, and the tree will just rain dead branches everywhere and remain rooted. Fingers crossed!


T.T.J. said...

Very best of luck, this is quite a storm! I've been in some in the Philippines, etc. but going straight up through Florida will be a real mess! Keep your pets safe and you.

Unknown said...

Nerve wracking. I hope the tree will just lose some branches and not park in your kitchen.
I have an older emergency radio, but ordered the adapter so that I can hand crank and get a few minutes charge on my smartphone. The newer radios have solar chargers in addition to the cranks, which is useful. But good for texting, which doesnt take a lot of power and can use a weak signal. Of course, there have to be cell towers available, although the carriers have gotten pretty good about bringing mobile towers in after disasters.
I hope youve got several days of food ready too. It's going to be an unpleasant time, and we will be thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Take care! k

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that tree has good, deep, strong roots! Irma looks absolutely horrendous from way over here in Oz, but the climate change deniers just keep on denying!
Stay safe,

Gae in Callala Bay

Caroline aka FiberTribe said...

Hoping for the best, just a few days without power and NO trees in the condo.

Vicki said...

Be safe and take care of your babies. I'm thinking of you and your family. I'm in Atlanta and everywhere I went today
I saw Florida tags. Sending good vibes your way! Vicki

KatyaR said...

Here's hoping for the best. Stay safe!