Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I just cannot even - UPDATED

I have a rant that is entirely unrelated to the end of America as we know it, or maybe not, too soon to tell. Today the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would "allow" girls to join! OMG!!! Girls don't have to have their own amazing, empowering girl-focused organization called the GIRL SCOUTS! Oh, why settle for that, when now they can join "separate but equal" (the initial concept is gendered Cub dens) groups in an organization that has been very obviously geared toward boys (and increasingly tied to Christian churches) since its inception.

The Girls Scouts are politely, professionally pissed, baby, and righteously so. This is a devaluing of girls, and I'm pissed as hell, and hoping this concept crashes and burns hard and fast, as I think it will. Girl Scouts are about girls, and the organization has evolved into a really cool 21st century organization that offers badges in stuff like cybersecurity, and has a social conscience. There is absolutely nothing girls can get from the BSA that they can't get from their own, existing scouting organization, except that preparation for playing second fiddle to the boys. So I'm annoyed with the BSA's move, but anticipate it failing quietly and being abandoned in a year. But I'm offended by the idea that the BSA thought this was something the public was clamoring for, because at the heart of this vote is the concept that the Boy Scouts are THE official face of Scouting, and Girl Scouts are second class, and basically, it just doesn't get more blatantly misogynist than that.

And my daughter has followed her mother's path as Seriously Overscheduled Working Mom Willing to Be Troop Leader for Delaney's Daisy troop, and their first meeting is this Saturday.
And Grandma/former Daisy leader is going to do the security check so I can tag along on field trips if they sound fun I'm needed. It took this dick move by the BSA to make me a gung-ho Girl Scout Grandma.

Thanks to Kimmen for this Girls, Don't Become Boy Scouts. What she said.


Unknown said...

Funny, i had same take on this! BSA got a real image problem going on, so lets admit girls and distract everyone. No thanks!
Have fun being gung-ho Girl Scout Grandma.

Unknown said...

Good op-ed in the New York Tines this afternoon by Kate Tuttle on this topic.

Silver Spider said...

After the disgusting appearance of the Cheeto man at the BSA conference this summer, there is absolutely no chance that I would ever want any child male or female to be part of that organization.

Catherine said...

I just had to edit to add that op-ed. It nails it. This isn't about "including girls," it's about fixing the BSA budget problems and declining membership.