Thursday, October 12, 2017

Six Years?

October 12, 2011. She arrived.

And embarked on her path toward world domination. Delaney is six today. She's fierce, funny, very smart, thoughtful and inquisitive, and an all-around delightful kid. Who has her first professional head shot already.

Her dance studio team has professional head shots. She's on the junior team, but still, they have head shots and a team jacket, and this is a thing. At SIX. I can't imagine doing this at six a thousand years ago when I was six. There was dance school stuff, yes, but not at this level, and I never did it.

And she LOVES THIS SO MUCH, it's her passion. She choreographs herself to any music she hears, she'll get up and dance to anything with a beat, she can't help herself. Her parents are supportive but not pushing; no stage mom/dad there. They are just along for the ride. If she gets tired of it and wants to do karate or chess, they'd be fine with that, but it appears that she is a dancer. She already announced that she wants to become one of the big girls who help with the little kids at the studio.

Oh and just BTW, she's also a Girl Scout.

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KatyaR said...

She's so GROWN UP!!!

(Congratulations on your Girl Scout!)